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PMO Governance

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PMO Governance Framework

Our governance framework is built on our core principes. Through years of leasons learned from other program of work and industries best practice, Having clear roles and Responsibilities means that our [DELICATE] core foundation is built on:

  • Disipline
  • Efficiency
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Clear Procedures
  • Accountability
  • Tranparency
  • Empowerment

PMO Governance & Structure

Regular Reporting and updates

Why a regular progress reporting matters for project?

A weekly progress report is a tool for staying on top of the most important things that are going on in your team. In-person interactions such as one-on-ones are crucial, but having a written summary of the things your team and stakeholders views as most important can be just as valuable.

Other important factors include the length of the report and whether the content is to the point. Most points should be able to be covered in a sentence or two, covering:
  • A recap of the prior week
  • What is planned for the week ahead?
  • Any issues that need managements attention or action
  • Any notable achievements
  • Tracking and Monitoring


    Does consistency in a project matter?

    When something is consistent – even something as mundane as a daily meeting or a reporting being sent out at the same time, we come to depend and rely on that consistency without realising it.

    Having a PMO governance and structure enforces the companies rules, policies, procedures and standards to be in place. It focuses on making clear and precise decision making process along with promoting empowerment to focus on doing the right things.

    In order for a PMO governance to be effective, it has to be progmatic without the bureaucracy whilst still being realistic on key deliverables, both entry and exit criteria's. It's about protecting the brand name reputation, commitment and capacity to succeed in all aspect of the project delivery life cycle.

    Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you have the best guidance and support in PMO Governance.